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About Us

The Mansion Mender is a "sole propriertorship" organization owned and operated by Joe Cotten.  He is a graduate in electrical engineering and has enjoyed a successful career is computer system product design, development and business management with some of the past and present giants of that industry.  His resume also includes a partnership in the development of a small business providing automation products to the semiconductor manufacturing industry.  A dedication to providing superior customer service allowed the partnership to a point where is was purchased by one of the major players.  That lesson continues to underlie all of the projects the The Mansion Mender undertakes.

As a sideline activity Joe has performed as 'owner/builder" for the design and construction of two residential homes and the remodeling of one more.  These experiences resulted in a thorough grounding in good construction practices and in compliance with applicable building code requirements.  He also benefited from an association with an experienced general contractor serving as mentor.

All projects undertaken by The Mansion Mender receive Joe's dedicated and personal attention.  In the event that we lack the resources for a particular assignment, we can identify qualified contractors in all trades, obtain bids and supervise their performance to assure a satisfactory completion.

We have recently received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau based in part on our history and performance in the community.  Part of the accredtation process requires that we subscribe to the "BBB Standards for Trust"
  • Advertise Honestly

  • Honor Promises

  • Be Transparent

  • Build Trust

  • Safeguard Privacy

  • Be Responsive

  • Embody Integrity

  • Tell The Truth

The Mansion Mender is not a licensed contractor.

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